Movements of Oppression Solidarity & Hope: A Pop Up Photo Exhibit

In July 2016, I went to Palestine on an activist delegation to speak directly with Palestinians resisting racism, military occupation and colonialism to explore intersectionality between the struggles of communities of color. 

The goal was to document as much as I could so I could bring this conversation back home to my community. Well, after I returned to Baltimore, I lost my uncle to due to gun violence and had to put a hold on several project, which included this. 

Several months later, my friend and fellow delegation participant Tracey Lynnelle Rogers decided to organize and curate an exhibit called "Movements of Oppression, Solidarity, and Hope," a photo exhibit inspired by our trip to Palestine, with the intention of inspiring folks to action. Tracey asked me to submit images for the exhibit and my work was featured in the kick-off show, which took place on June 28. 

The images featured reflect shared struggles of oppression amongst various human rights and justice campaigns - namely Black Lives Matter, Palestinian Human Rights, and Standing Rock - along with a shared hope for change through solidarity. 

This was my first time revisiting these images since that experience and because of her, I am forever grateful. I know my uncle would've wanted me to carry out my goal of sharing the Palestinian experience. I truly appreciate everyone who has been supporting me along the way. 


Brittany Oliver