Reflections: Sisters Gathering To Heal

Today, I attended the 6th Annual Sisters Gathering to Heal at Druid Hill Park for the first time and it was one of the most life-changing experiences to date. The theme was centered on unapologetic radical self-love for the mind, body and spirit. I met over 100+ sister friends who made me feel loved, appreciated and affirmed. The space was only for black women too, which made this experience all the more empowering. 

Black women represent the roots of the earth. All peoples, all communities, all movements. And, we take on everyone's burden. 

I learned that being broken will not be the beginning and ending of my story. 

These women told that my name meant something and while I became anxious when hearing that, I leaned into it. Yeah, my name does means something. 

I cried out the trauma in my body and I was given tight hugs by women whom I had never met before, but it was okay. 

For me, this is growth. 

To be held. To be protected. To have 100+ beautiful black women stand up for me, both privately and publicly. No shame. 

To hear other stories. To share my own. To speak freely and not be corrected. To be emotional and not be deemed unworthy. 

These women made a commitment to invest in me because to them, I was worthy. To them, I was a rose trying to grow from concrete just like everyone else. 

They loved me in that moment as I transformed into the truest, highest version of myself.

They made me feel like I was human. Not an idea. Not an agenda. 

I buried my feet into the dirt. I touched the warmth of grass. The sunlight kissed my face. 

I drained all of my energy just regained it back in the end.

I told myself over and over again that I am enough. 

I am enough. 

This is my awakening.

Thank you.